José Simón Elarba: Environmental care is important

José Simón Elarba: Taking Care of The Environment

José Simón Elarba: It important to take care of the environment. This planet is surely polluted by different causes such as industrial work, human contamination and even the wastes that sometimes we have left behind on the floor.

Your attitude toward the earth should change and in order to have a better consciousness with the earth and the contamination. Here you have some tips, according to José Simón Elarba:

José Simón Elarba: We want a planet like this

José Simón Elarba: We want a planet like this

Consider recycling

This is something that you should do more often because by doing this you will stop using some things that you could throw away, but instead you would do something nice with it if you reuse it by recycling!

Remember to plant trees

This could be a great way to understand how important is the life of trees and different plants that indeed need of your care. They don’t really say anything, but they surely can suffer if you don’t take care of them. Plants are a very important part of our planet and in order to take care of them, you should plant more trees to get a great consciousness.

Turn off the lights

This is necessary, so that you can actually save more energy. It is very common to see people leaving the lights on when they are out of the room and there are people who don’t even remember this. Maybe this is something that you would forget from time to time, but if you make the habit of turning off the lights a little more often, you will understand how important it is for the earth. You would also save more money!

José Simón Elarba: Learn to protect the environment

José Simón Elarba: Learn to protect the environment

Remember not to throw garbage on the floor

It is extremely easy to throw a bubble gum on the floor or a paper, so this is something that you have to correct and remember that you should not be like those ones who do it often.

by Jose Simon Elarba