José Simón Elarba: Be green

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José Simón Elarba: Our earth is a living organism and currently we are killing it. The Earth is slowly being poisoned by humans, but luckily it’s not too late. Amongst a slew of things to prevent this, recycling can be one of the easiest things to do. Having separate bins paper, plastics, and metal is an easy way to organize the materials and make recycling easier. When you recycle, it reduces the amount of materials that are being used and put into our environment.

José Simón Elarba - Recycling homes

José Simón Elarba: Recycle

Materials such as plastics do not decompose like other organic materials and is therefore harmful to the environment. When you recycle paper, it makes the demand to cut down more trees decrease which is beneficial to the ozone layer and Earth in the long run. Another way to ensure our planet’s well-being is to make sure our streets stay clean. This will ensure that harmful chemicals and trash do not make it into our water or come into contact with animals.

José Simón Elarba: Smart recycle

José Simón Elarba: Smart recycle

There is the increasing problem of chemicals that find their way into our water. People do not dispose of their medicine properly and issues will flush it down the toilet. It is very difficult to get these chemicals out of the water and it’s not cheap. Many times the chemicals and hormones from women’s birth control pills stay in our drinking water and as a side effect of that many countries have seen girls reaching puberty at a younger age. In turn this affects the world population growth. Recycling will help you make sure our planet will stay green and healthy for generations to come. There have been several studies that project the increased CO2 levels caused by humans to warm the earth enough to melt the polar ice caps causing hundreds of millions of people in the world to be underwater. So get out and do your part to help save the planet!

By [José Simón Elarba].