[José Simón Elarba]: Green ideas

IMPORTANT! Easy Tips to Reduce Our Impact on the Environment

José Simón Elarba: Even if it seems a little difficult for the way we have understood our practices, developing some energy efficient lifestyles can be our first steps in order to lessen the impact we have on the environment. Imagine a great number of people practicing little ways to reduce their environmental impact, that way, our society would accomplished a huge task. Today, we brought a list of easy tips to help you to reduce your environmental impact in your everyday activities, you’ll see that it’s not difficult and the results will be very satisfying. José Simón Elarba wants you to remember: our richest energy resource is conservation.

  • Use rechargeable batteries.
  • Don’t use “throw away” products like paper plates and napkins, or plastic knives, forks and cups.
    [José Simón Elarba]: Choose organic products

    [José Simón Elarba]: Choose organic products

  • Use your own bags (preferably fabric bags) when going to supermarkets and other stores; do not accept a bag if you can carry your items by hand.
  • Try buying products with less packaging; choose recycled and recyclable packaging and products; avoid styrofoam and plastic packaging. It’s also good idea to recycle the packaging after opening in your own kitchen to save food or other things. An easy place to start is to choose eggs in paper cartons.
  • Bring your own washable mug or bottle to your work place, university, school and coffee shops (some coffee shops offer ceramic mugs for on-site consumption, however, it’s good to ask for one before ordering.)
    [José Simón Elarba]: Bring your own bottle

    [José Simón Elarba]: Bring your own bottle

  • Consider air-dry for heavy items at home such as comforters, bed sheets and sleeping bags.
  • Close your curtains on hot days, in order to maintain your spaces cool and reduce the use of electric fans or air-conditioning.
  • Completely turn off all devices and equipment like televisions and stereos when no one is using them at home.

[José Simón Elarba]: Save energy

[José Simón Elarba]: Save energy

What do you think about our suggestions and tips? Do you already practice some of them? Tell us more about your own ways to reduce your impact on the environment. Share your green practices and encourage your friends to start doing something positive for our world too!

By [José Simón Elarba].