[José Simón Elarba]: DIY simple ottoman from reused plastic bottles

IMPORTANT! [José Simón Elarba]: Easy Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles at Home

José Simón Elarba: Maybe you make big efforts every day to avoid accumulating unnecessary waste in your home; however, no matter how hard you try to avoid plastic in your daily activities, you can have the sensation of ending up with too many plastic bottles. Today, José Simón Elarba will show you some easy ways you can put in practice to reduce your plastic waste at home. Keep reading and know more.

Kitchen storage containers

This is a great idea to use your plastic bottles. Make repurposed containers out of your old bottles with kids or friends; it’s fun and super easy, and you can save some money by crafting something you really need instead of having to buy something new and expensive.

[José Simón Elarba]: Plastic containers

[José Simón Elarba]: Plastic containers

Snack bowls

Try transforming leftover plastic bottles into easy and practical snack bowls for a party or to have always in your coffee table. You just have to cut the bottom of the plastic bottle, flatten and smooth out the cuts by using a hot iron and that’s it.

Plastic bottle pet feeder

[José Simón Elarba]: Eco-friendly ideas

[José Simón Elarba]: Eco-friendly ideas

Jose Simon Elarba points out this is the easiest way to reuse your plastic bottles. Transform them into a disposable device for feeding your pets at home. You will need to choose the bottles that suit your pets, preferably thick and strong ones.

Eco-friendly furniture (Ottomans)

Don’t’ ever throw out your old plastic bottles. Instead of that, make a custom ottoman for your living room from recycled bottles. You won’t believe how simple and easy it is to do some of these, and you won’t have to spend a fortune to do it.

Mobile charger basket

[José Simón Elarba]: Mobile charger basket steps

[José Simón Elarba]: Mobile charger basket steps

Reserve some old bottles of lotion or shampoo, and create a phone holder for charging. Take an upcycled bottle and makes it easy to charge your phone at any outlet without leaving the wire across the floor.

How about you? Have you already used plastic bottles for other purposes? Tell us more about your own DIY projects to reuse plastic at home and share this and other ideas to help us create a new possible green planet.

By [José Simón Elarba].