IMPORTANT! Jose Simon Elarba: Why Climatic Change Is Such An Issue?

If you want to know about the much problem that climate change has been representing in the North Pole, you should know that there is more than one problem to talk about:

Animals are becoming homeless: this is pretty much the reality if you consider that they literally live and walk on ice. They do not have where to run and the only place where a snow animals could live in is definitely a place where there is ice and snow. In the case of seals and polar bears, it is really had for them to move to other parts of the world because they need the low temperature. Otherwise, they are likely to die because of not living in an environment.


There are plenty of animals that are going to be out there that need us so do not stop fighiting against the problem.

Snow is melting: this is a problem itself because it means that oceans are going to augment the amount of water they already have. This is not pretty good because we are going to need everything but more water than necessary in cities. Floods are a likely consequence in the following years in different parts of the world. You rather have a planet with a nice mix between high and cold temperature rather than only getting high temperatures. Imagine what could happen to the Earth if there is too much of one of thee. Then life would become unsustainable.


The problem can affect humans: if the other ones didn’t really make you think of a warning idea, then this one should. Remember that you are living on planet Earth and as long as we are not in another planet, we will definitely not even have a chance to inhabit our planet properly. This situation is going to be hard to assimilate for some people since they are not that concerned on the problem and they are too entertained with cat video on YouTube. However, taking care of the planet will be necessary and no one should really stop doing an effort.